Saturday, September 01, 2012

Aura Dione - Live Tour in Europe

Aura Dione is a Danish singer-songwriter. Her real name is Maria Louise Jønsen and she was born on 21st of January 1985 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has Faroese, Spanish, French and Danish origin (her mother was Faroese/French and her father was Danish/Spanish).
Her parents introduced her into music world and the first song was written when she was 8 years old. Her parents were hippies and sailed around of the oceans of the world with her as a child until the 7-year-old was given residence on Bornholm. Here she began her schooling and was enrolled as a teenager in high school, but in the middle she chose to move to Australia where she sought inspiration from the Aborigines. This resulted later in the song "Something From Nothing". This was her debut single and it was followed by "Song for Sophie" both being included on her 2008 debut album - "Columbine".

Aura released her second studio album "Before the Dinosaurs" on 4th of November 2011. The first single release "Geronimo" was produced by David Jost and went straight to the first place in the official German Media Control Charts. In the same year Aura Dione won an European Border Breakers Award for her international breakthrough. Aura Dione released a second single "Friends" of her international hit album. The song is written and produced by David Jost and Rock Mafia and recently reached the official German Radio Charts number one.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Serbian Top 10 Chart 2012

1.Popečitelji - Novo društvo

2.Bajaga i Instruktori - Ako treba da je kraj

3. Eva Braun feat. Kole (Veliki Prezir) - Primenjena Ljubav

4. Methyl Orange - Gone

5. Samostalni Referenti - Zivot je san

6. Lira Vega - Ljubav je...

7.Autoprak - Mi Pomerano Stvari

8. Eyesburn - Dance

9. Mravi - Mlad Čovek

10. Kuriri - Fade Away

11. Lutke - Kišobran

12. Damjan Eltech feat. Sajsi MC - Lajkiram

13. Šeret Blejzer Micro Driver - Pionir

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Santa Claus

Santa Claus leads the Christmas parade through the streets being driven in a Cadillac with Santa's elves, fire engines, vintage cars and so on.

Why so? Because in Aarhus, Denmark, Santa comes in a Cadillac after he sailed on a boat... pretty sweet for a guy employed only for 1 day a year!

Friday, November 25, 2011


In April 7th 2004 was the official opening of ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum in the presence, among other dignitaries, of the museum’s Patron Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II. In April 8th the new 17,700 square metre building, situated in central Århus and costing 306 million Danish Crowns opened its doors to the public. The event marked a new era in the museum’s almost 150-year history: the provincial art museum with high ambitions now emerged as a national museum with international ambitions. To highlight its new profile, Aarhus Kunstmuseum added ARoS to its name.

With thousands of square metres spanning ten levels the museum now has ample space to showcase its extensive collection of 1100 paintings, 400 sculptures and installations, 200 art videos and over 7,000 drawings, photos and graphics: a collection that ahead of the inauguration was enhanced by the addition of works by international artists such as Bill Viola, Tony Oursler, Carsten Höller, Miwa Yanagi and James Turrell. In large measure, a donation of 40 million Danish Crowns by New Carlsberg Foundation over a ten-year period enabled the purchase of these works.

The new art museum contains three large galleries of just under 1,100 square metres each for permanent exhibitions allowing visitors the opportunity to view a broad spectrum of works from the museum’s own collection. In addition, recent acquisitions of international light and video works are displayed in the basement level of the museum in a special exhibition gallery called 'The 9 Spaces.' Lastly, the museum has two further galleries at its disposal: the dedicated special exhibitions gallery commanding 1,100 square metres and the West Gallery with 350 square metres.

ARoS’ striking architecture is the creation of Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen. The Århus-based practice won the 1997 competition for the design of the new Aarhus Kunstmuseum from a field of some 109 architectural firms from around the world. The building is cube-shaped, 43 metres tall and 54 by 54 metres wide. It is divided by a curved "museum street", to which the public has access without an admission fee. A spiral staircase accentuates the mid-point of the "street" and, upon payment of an entrance fee, visitors gain full access to all of the museum's galleries and facilities.

Besides its regular galleries, ARoS contains a Junior Museum for children: an exciting experiential zone for children to learn about art in a hands-on way.

At the main floor entering the museum you find Art Café and ARoS Shop. Both can be visited free of charge. In ARoS Shop you find a broad variaty of design and books. At Art Café you can enjoy a quality coffee while looking at the pulse of the city outside, read a book or just relax after visiting the galleries.

Friday, November 04, 2011


LEGOland is an entertainment park situated in Billund, the city where all the Lego toys came. Billund's Lego factory is very well known around the World.

This park is amazing. There are a lot of attractions and if you visit it you will never forget it. There are Legoland parks also in Windsor UK, Carlsbad - California US, Florida US and Günzburg Germany. The one in Billund is the only one in Denmark and this is the starting point. All LEGO dreams came from this location.

First of all, you can arrive in Billund using this very modern airport. The park with a hotel and a resort is only 1 km away. After this there are a lot of restaurants in Legoland. The themes chosen for entertaining are various and cool. You may find a medieval area, a cowboys and indians area, a Star Wars area or a Pirates theme zone. The toys are great and really amazing. It is redundant to say that every figure is made of Lego pieces. And they are just marvelous.

There are organised parties and concerts every Saturday. The most important Danish singers and bands participate and entertain the visitors. Every year it is a new theme developed. For 2011 it was Star Wars with all the saga realised in small figures of LEGO pieces. For 2012 it will be a Polar Land, a zone who presents all the Arcitc clichés.

When you finish all Legoland options to explore, pay yourself a visit in Lalandia which is really close. The joy and fun will be double.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Scorpions - Live in Cluj

40.000 viewers were present at 21:15 in Cluj Arena to see the well known rock band Scorpions. They are performing an world tour in 2011 for supporting their 17th album called "Sting In The Tail" launched on March 17th this year. One of their destinations was Cluj-Napoca, Romania. They had a great concert on 9th of October 2011.

Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Pawel Maciwoda, and James Kottakand sang in Cluj the most important tracks of Scorpions. This band was founded in Hanover in 1965. Scorpions visited Romania many times before. Cluj Arena is a 30.000 places stadium which was inaugurated by them. Check out this video filmed at this event:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maximilian Strasse - Munich

If you go in Munich do not miss Maximilian Strasse. It has a special neo-gothic architecture but, more than this, here is the place where you can find the World's most famous designers shops, luxury boutiques and jewellery stores.

So if you are shopping addicted you must visit Gucci, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Cartier, Bvlgari, Dolce & Gabbana, Swarovski, Channel, Chopard, Wempe, Louis Vuitton and the others show-rooms of these great fashion houses.

After shopping you may admire the building of the district governor of Upper-Bavaria, The Museum of Ethnology, the Maximilianeum - home of state Parliament, and maybe you would like to have a room at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten the most important five-star hotel in Munich.

After visiting this street you can go in Marienplatz to see Munich's city hall. It is a very impressive building and the attraction of the tourists is the Glockenspiel. This is a clock with 43 bells and 32 life-sized figurines which is presenting a medieval history of marriage of Duke of Bavaria, Wilhelm V. You may see this show everyday at 11 a.m. (and also 12 and 5 p.m. during summer).

More details about Munich you can find here.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Wenceslas Square - Prague

Wenceslas Square (czech "Václavské náměstí") is the most important street in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. Actually if you go in Prague, visiting Wenceslas Square is a must.

This place was a horse market many centuries ago, but was transformed in 1848 in central boulevard of Prague. Many important historical events happened there until now. Anyhow, if you visit Prague I strongly advice you to choose Panorama Hotel. It is not cheap but you will enjoy staying there, for sure.

There are a lot of facilities like a spa center, situated at 24th floor from where you can see all the city, a casino, many restaurants and a great parking area. The personal is very nice and all of them are English speakers but you should be careful: everything here is extra charge. Nothing is included in your staying bill.

You can get a metro for Wenceslas Square and it is a great shopping area right next Panorama Hotel. Once you arrive in Václavské náměstí try to visit National Museum, The Opera House, Koruna galleries, where you can get your own 19th century photos for 300 Czech Crowns, cca. 14 €, or Communism Museum.

There are a lot of fast foods in this area but I recommend you to eat at Pilsenr Urquell Restaurant, there are fair prices and a very good kitchen there. You may pay using Euro but the change will always be in Czech Crowns.

If you speak English on the main street it is very common to be approached by people who wants to change your money in Czech Crowns. Make yourself a favor and don't take them as an option. There are a lot of Exchange Houses on this street where you can have a fair trade and a receipt. More informations about Prague here.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aarhus - Den Gamle By

"Den Gamle By" is Danish for "old town". It is a five star heritage museum ranking among the best in the world. It has more than 75 historical buildings, gardens, exhibitions, houses, shops and workshops.

This museum is a living experience of what it was like to live and workin a Danish market town in the old days of Hans Christian Andersen. You can meet people of yesteryear here and experience life as it was in their living rooms, kitchens and gardens.

Den Gamle By is the home to: The Danish Poster Museum, The Danish Museum of Clocks and Watches, a large museum of toys, a tea garden, a large museum of shops and major Christmas events. Taste, smell and try out history.

Entrance is 150 DKK, cca. 20 Euro and there are discounts for children, or groups. More informations about Aarhus you can find here

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bon Jovi - Live in Bucharest

The well known rock band Bon Jovi is taking an world tour in 2011. One of their destinations was Bucharest, Romania. They had a great concert in Parliament Square on 10th Of July.

Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, David Bryan and Tico Torres sang in Bucharest the most important tracks of their career. 55000 people assisted their performance. 180 minutes had the entire show. If you have the opportunity to see this band live this summer, I strongly recommend to do it. They are fresh and fun. Check out this movie filmed in Bucharest.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Kunstcentret Silkeborg Bad

Silkeborg Bad used to be a health resort. When did not had so many clients was turned into an art center. And is a really great place to visit, an attraction where high quality art displays, an experience of nature, and the site's special history play their part. There are changing exhibitions all the year mainly modern art by both Danish and foreign artists.

The Art Center's general goal is to create a dynamic environment for contemporary art, and thus creating relevant and thought-provoking art experiences for the public.

You can reach this place by train to Silkeborg via Skanderborg or Hering and using good bus services from surrounding towns. The park is always open. The area is suitable for wheelchairs.

The art center's shop has a fine range of catalogues, posters, postcards and other articles related to the center's exhibitions. Various art books and works of art are also on sale, and there is a range of original graphic art.

The art center's cafe is situated in the former spa building. In summer the sun and the view over Ørnsø lake can be enjoyed from the cafe's terrace. The cafe's range includes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cakes, sanwiches and light lunches. The cafe can accomodate groups for cakes, buffets and so on. The cafe also rent Søvilla (the lake villa) to groups, for courses or other activities. The Art Center's cafe is for visitors only.

Entry is 60 DKKK, cca. 8 Euro and there are dicounts for students, groups, pensioners or children. More informations about Silkeborg you can find here

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Danske Statsbaner

This means Danish State Railways and is usually known as DSB.

If you are in Denmark and you want to travel, this is a very important option you may have. Using trains is very popular in this country. DSB also operates some trains in Sweeden. There are 9000 people working for this company.

The most important thing is using their website you can buy affordable tickets and travel in whole Denmark. There is a system with many options for making reservations, but the cheapest tickets are "DSB Orange". The only condition to have such tickets is to check the promotions. For a 350 Km trip, an DSB Orange costs 139 DKK which means cca. 18,5 Euro. Have fun!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ebeltoft Safari - Ree Park

Ebeltoft is a small city on the East coast of Jylland. It has almost 8000 inhabitants. But there are 2 important objectives in this city: Aarhus airport and Ree Park.

Ree Park - Ebeltoft Safari is a place where you can see a wide range of animals. It is also on option to drive through the herds and flocks of giraffes, gnus, ostriches or zebras. That is the safari concept, right?

There are some rules to follow when you visit this place:
- never feed the animals
- never touch the animals (does not apply to petting zoo animals like pigs, goats and donkeys)
- never chase the animals
- food, open backpacks, push carts and trolleys are not allowed in Monkey island and Madagascar
- do not yell nor run around when watching the birds, they stress easily

There is also an option to have a fun ride on one of the park's Asian camel. If you get hungry you can visit one of the available cafes and enjoy your food in cosy surroundings. It is a wide selection of food and drink like sandwiches, buffet, hot-dogs and salads.

For groups and families there some events you can organize in Ree Park. You can have a party or a wedding there. There can be organised business meetings, team buildings or conferences in Safari Zone. There are also available tends for spending the night in the park.

You can visit the safari shop and take a pick from a wide selection of souvenirs, toys, teddy bears and clothes.

Ebeltoft Safari is open for visitors from 16th of April until 23rd of October. Entrance is cca. 18 Euro for each adult. Children pay less. Have fun!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fly Free With KLM

Do you want a free fly for your next holiday? Now we can get it. It is easy and it takes just a couple of minutes to get it.

Do you know what is Delft pottery? If not you can find about it here. Now the facts: KLM has a promotion campaign which places 4000 users pictures on a plane of them. The pictures will simulate elements contained on Delft pottery. All you have to do, is to go on and load a picture of yours. If you have a facebook account then they will use your profile picture. After this, place a short message. This will be put on a KLM plane. After this, all you have to do is to promote your Delft picture on your blog. You can win 2 KLM fly tickets for any destination. You can also get 4 mini KLM planes. Good luck!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Skanderborg - A Beautiful Small Town

Skanderborg is a small town in Jutland, Denmark. In this city there are living 14 thousand people. It is a quiet place built a thousand years ago on Skanderborg Lake's beach.

Anne of Denmark was born in Sakanderborg on December 12th 1574. She was the second daughter of King Frederick II of Denmark. She married King James VI and I of Scotland, England, and Ireland in 1589 at the age of fourteen and bore him three children including the future Charles I.

One of the most visible attractions of Skanderborg is Dagmar boat. It is a beautiful ship who sails on Skanderborg Lake in th e summertime. On this tour you can buy ice cream, hot and cold beverages on board. You may see the old town of Skanderborg from the lakeside and listen the stories about the monks on Calf Island, about Skanderborg Castle and the young king Christian IV. this tour lasts about one hour and 45 minutes, but you can also get off and on at the five stops: Sæsporten, Vestermølle, Golfclubben, Vvandrerhjemmet and Skanderborghus. Prices: €12 for adults and €7 for children.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium
If you want to discover time and oceans, one of the best choices is to visit Palma Aquarium. This great place is close to the Palma Airport (5 minutes distance, only) and there are 3 bus lines which arrive in this place if you are located in the center of Palma de Mallorca.

Palma Aquarium is a place where you can meet the Mediteranean's most emblematic flora and fauna. You can experience the history of the old world and the adventure of conquering an immense, unknown and invincible sea. You can get to know tropical ecosystems, their magnificent colours and their inhabitants' most unusal behaviour during this part of your journey. There are also a combination of typical Mallorcan vegetation and marine exhibits, turtles, rays, Japanese Koi fish and even hammerhead sharks. You can also see a replica of a tropical rainforest that includes its own micro-climate to ensure perfect conditions for its exotic plants to flourish.

In Palma de Mallorca you can find Europe's deepest aquarium. This tank with its extraordinary proportions was designed to represent the Oceans' pelagic areas, deepest realms and magnitude. It holds 3,5 millions litres of salt water.

There are many facilities here like: a mini theatre, a snack bar, a play area for children, a buffet called Cafeteria Mediterra or a souvenir shop.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Rino Gaetano

Rino Gaetano was one of the cult Italian songwriters in the 80's and before. He made social songs especially. If someone goes in Italy for a holiday or just for a few days trip, should know about Rino Gaetano. This is my favorite song of him:

Italian young people sing this song at every social event. This is like an anthem, very romantic and optimistic in the same time.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tito's - Palma de Mallorca

Tito's discoteque, is a place of reference in Palma de Mallorca. Situated on Paseo Maritimo, it is a disco club designed in futuristic spaceship shape. The access is made using 2 panoramic elevators with a wide view toward Palma's bay.

There are shows and parties at Tito's 365 days per year. There you may meet famous DJ's all over the world like Francesco Farfa, Claudio Coccoluto, Hernan Cattaneo, Sebastian Ingrosso and others.

This club has 3 halls where is very easy to meet famous people from all the world. It is a cult place for island of Mallorca. Every night there are new costumes for the animators who are making this place very entertaining.

Price: 20€ for entrance and 2 free drinks.